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Say Goodbye to Cat Allergies

Five Lovable Little Cats that Even You can Hold

Being allergic to cats can be devastating if you're a cat lover. You may secretly long to have a cat of your own. You have probably even suffered when visiting friends, just so that you can experience the joy of their cats. The good news is that you don't have to avoid cats anymore; you can have your own cat if you chose one that has less allergen than the mass majority of cats.

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthairs also now by the name Foreigner are very active and playful cats. They produce less allergen than average cats, making them a nice possible option if you suffer from cat allergies. One thing to keep in mind with this breed is that they require human contact and lots of it; they've been known to meow loudly nonstop until they receive the attention that they crave.

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex cat breed have a very thin coat. They're adorable kittens that grow into distinctive cats. These little guys have wrinkled skin; you can probably compare them to the bulldog in the cat world. These cats have a very high amount of energy and will need a little extra attention, their hyper and playful attitude will be a great addition to your household; promising you years of smiles and laughter.


Javanese is a nice option if you prefer a cat with a little more hair than the average shorthairs. These cats have longer hair; however their hair is thin, lacking an undercoat. This reduces their allergens. These are very independent cats and will entertain themselves when they are alone, however they do seem to think that they need your undivided attention when you're home.


The Sphinx cat is the shortest hair breed and commonly referred to as a hairless cat. With they're lack of hair comes a great deal of wrinkles, which seem to highlight their facial expressions. These cats are very playful and love their toys. They've been known to pick their owners when in a family with multiple people, though they'll equally interact with everyone in the household. One thing to keep in mind with these cats is that they do have a higher metabolism, so you can expect to feed them a little more than what would usually be normal.

The extreme shorthaired breeds are great companions, though some people avoid them due to their distinctive looks. Personally, I think that their looks add to their cuteness. I have two cats of my own that add hours of joy to my life. Fortunately, I'm not allergic so I don't have to worry about special breeds; if I were allergic, I would want one of these cats; I think the Devon Rex cats are especially cute. What would your favorite breed be?