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2 Bizarre Life-threatening Allergies

I'll take your basic food allergy any day of the week over these

Two rather strange yet deadly allergies have been reported recently. One of these allergies can be avoided, however the other requires very careful planning of precautions. If you think you have it bad, then read on.

A London housewife recently died from what is believed to be an allergy to hair extension glue. Pathologists have cited that the death toll from hair extension glue ranges between 10 and 20 cases each year. This could be avoided by not getting hair extensions, however there really isn’t any concrete way of knowing whether or not an allergy to hair extension glue exist until it’s too late.

The second mentionable strange allergy that has been reported recently is an allergy to the cold, also known by the name urticarial. This particular problem is manageable however has been known to endanger life. Fortunately antihistamines help and having an EpiPen on hand at all times can reverse allergic reactions.

When I originally read about this particular allergy my first thought was, they should move. That thought of course doesn’t take into account that there may be many reasons that a person literally can’t move, such as employment opportunities, current financials and even responsibilities to others.  My next thought naturally was more selfish. I immediately began to wonder if there was any way for me to convince everyone that “it’s not so much that I don’t like the cold it’s just that I’m allergic to it.” I quickly realized that not only is it a little too late for me to have a sudden allergy to the cold, it would also be unethical. It would be like me gaining sympathy for a disease that I didn’t have, I guess I will grudgingly bundle up just as I always have and be thankful that it’s not as bad as it could be.