Unique Hypoallergenic Pets

Unique Hypoallergenic Pets

Have a pet that will prevent allergy symptoms

Owning a pet is often something that has to be passed for many people who suffer from allergens. Although fortunately there are a few hypoallergenic cat and dog breeds. There are also options for people who want something beyond the ordinary pet, imagine having one of these unique pets that are hypoallergenic.


Tarantulas are hypoallergenic and could be fun for some owners, though this is one pet I would avoid as I slightly suffer with that whole fear of spider thing and tarantulas are the king of all spiders in my book. I have known quite a few people who have owned a tarantula and have really enjoyed owning them. There are different species of tarantulas coming from different countries of origin.

 If you think these little creatures might be just what you want you’ll want to do a little research to determine the likes and dislikes of your tarantula breed, some tarantulas like to borrow in web made tunnels while others prefer to be on the limbs of trees.


All reptiles are hypoallergenic. This can include snakes, lizards and turtles. With such a vast inclusion you’ll want to make sure that you read carefully on the care requirements of this type of pet. You should also really spend some time on the decision of getting a reptile, many people buy lizard breeds and snake breeds that grow beyond their expectations and many abandoned reptiles get thrown into an outside environment when they become more than a person can handle.


Ferrets amazingly are hypoallergenic. Though they are known for their body odor, they do not release any kind of dander that can cause allergic reactions. One thing to keep in mind is that these little guys require a lot of time to care for them. They need regular grooming and cleaning as well as one on one attention time. Though they require more time than a tarantula might, they are active and can be hours of fun.