Teenagers... Not so Bad after all

Teenagers... Not so Bad after all

Teenager creates and donates hypoallergenic pillows

Just the other day as I was leaving a local coffee shop with my charming, somewhat funny, yet quite cynical friend a group of teenagers ran down the street screaming various vulgarities. My friend commented on how teenagers have become selfish and unruly. I glanced at her with what could be considered shock and corrected her in that a handful couldn’t possibly be considered the current norm on teenage behavior. Today, I get to back that claim with proof.

Kimberly Ziegenhorn is a 13 year old student at Woodland Middle School. She has recently made a total of twelve pillows that are filled with hypoallergenic stuffing. Once she had completed making the pillows, she donated each one to the pediatric center of Vista medical.

This was in fact her own planning, and wasn’t a required project through school. She had originally been part of a project through her church in which several blankets were donated. Kimberly decided on the pillows simply because she thought it would be nice to provide comfort to children who were currently in the pediatric unit at Vista.

All I can say is that Kimberly has shown me, the world and cynical friend that kindness and generosity hasn’t left the teenage era behind. In fact, I’m willing to wager that Kimberly’s kind deed isn’t a rare occasion and in fact that there are several teenager that think of others before themselves each and every day. If you can think of a recent unselfish act that a teenager in your area has done, please share.