Tattoos are Breaking into the Medical Field

Tattoos are Breaking into the Medical Field

Tattoos warn of allergies, medical conditions and DNR orders


Goodbye boring medical bracelets, hello colorful tattoos. Tattoos are making way into the medical field and are being used to notify any medical staff of potential life threatening allergies. Although they’re also being used to notify of other medical problems and they are taking up many forms.

Many people are choosing to use a simplistic wording tattoo similar to the allergy tattoo in this picture. This is an ideal way to warn medical staff of allergies that can be missed during an emergency. This tattoo is beneficial specifically in a case where a person is admitted into the hospital unconscious.

One popular medical based tattoo that is showing up more and more is the medic alert tattoo. This tattoo gives medical staff personal vital information regarding ongoing medical conditions. As you can see in the image, the tattoo can be made into a colorful tattoo that the wearer can be proud to show off.

The one medical tattoo that catches my attention is the Do Not Resuscitate tattoo. Even though people create DNR notices that remain in their medical records, they don’t always get followed. This isn’t a result of doctors and other medical staff going against someone’s wishes, it usually results from an immediate action to save a life or in some cases a DNR notice can be neglected due to emergency room care that was immediately initiated before the patient was properly identified.

If you happen to be appreciative of tattoos and you want your allergies, medical conditions or final wishes understood in the event of an emergency then getting a medical tattoo just might be the route to go. You can literally be as simplistic or detailed as you want. The choice is up to you, and what better reason to add some new ink than to preserve your own life or make sure it’s not preserved.