Milk... Drink it, Bathe in it, Wear it

Milk... Drink it, Bathe in it, Wear it

Qmilch: feels like silk, washes like cotten

A new textile, Qmilch has been making headlines as the all new environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic preferred fabric. That’s not all, this textile is unlike any we’ve been fortunate enough to own. This product is made from none other than milk, as we already know, milk can be very soothing for skin, explaining the ever ending milk bath products. Now we can drink milk, bathe in it and wear it.

This fabric apparently has a silky smooth feel, yet washes and dries like cotton. I find that to be extremely beneficial. Just imagine, the seductive feel of silk without the headaches of cleaning silk. You can literally wash it just like your favorite old t-shirt.

Come to think of it, maybe this new material will become your favorites and you’ll finally have a reason to toss those old standby favorites that should have gone away over five years ago. I speak from experience, I have fought long and hard battles to hold on to my Georgia Bulldog t-shirt. It’s extremely comfy and it’s got UGA on the front with the famous Go Dawgs lettering. Definitely worthy of being held with high regards of an old time favorite t-shirt.

I am however fond of my UGA t-shirt, so I may have to wait until they start using Qmilch. No need for me to be in too much of a rush. That can easily become detrimental, I could find myself without my shirt and no way of replacing it. So shirt lovers everywhere I say hold on to that great comfy old t-shirt, until you have a Qmilch replacement.