Great Hypoallergenic Gift Ideas

Great Hypoallergenic Gift Ideas

"In addition to bath products, skin care products are usually high on the list of many."

Christmas is just around the corner and now is the time where we shop and shop to pick out the perfect gifts for the people in our lives. For me the toys are always the easiest, where I struggle the most each year is for people who have sensitivities to allergens. I get nervous buying them just any old thing because what if I end up with something that will only cause them problems. This can be quite the dilemma. So this year I have sat down to create a list of hypoallergenic gift ideas.

Bath products are always high on my list of things I want for Christmas. There are several hypoallergenic bath sets that can be an option. I especially like the idea of bath salt sets, after all who doesn’t want a hot bath at the end of a long day? Ahava has a great selection of Holiday gift sets, including some sea salt gift sets.

In addition to bath products, skin care products are usually high on the list of many. Avene makes some great hypoallergenic products for the care of sensitive skin. So far they don’t have any specific gift sets on their site, however that may be even more fun. You can easily pick and choose your products and put them in your own gift back, decorated the way you want it decorated.

One idea that might be a good gift, is hypoallergenic makeup. My only concern with this gift idea is that I would hate to spend money on hypoallergenic makeup and choose the wrong makeup. You can always get a gift certificate and let your gift receiver choose, although that may be less personal.

As a final gift idea, I thought hypoallergenic bedding could be an option. The great thing about bedding is that it can be for either male or female. Major companies like Serta and Sealy in addition to their mattresses, have begun making pillow and mattress pads that are hypoallergenic.