3 Winter Allergen Culprits

3 Winter Allergen Culprits

Know what is causing your winter allergies

Usually when people think of allergies they picture pollen created by flowers and foliage blooming followed by wind spreading the pollen across everyone’s path. Allergies created by this type of pollen will subside as winter comes along. Unfortunately many people are susceptible to many winter allergens that have absolutely nothing to do with pollen. There are four main winter allergy causes that people often overlook.

Mold Spores


Mold Spores are a leading cause of Winter Allergies. They’re so small that they’re able to escape through most filtration systems and are circulated through heating systems in the same way that dust mites are circulated. Since Mold Spores are a result of growing mold, it’s a good idea to take active steps to control mold growth. One way to do this is to occasionally test suspected areas with a mold detection kit.


Dust Mites

Dust mites are a common overlooked allergen that can become increasingly more difficult during the winter months. This is mainly due to heating requirements. Dust mites get sucked in and circulated through heating vents that are ran throughout the cold winter months.


Even people who are normally unaffected by household pets can suffer pet based allergies during the winter. This is primarily due to the fact that everything is closed in, created a more concentrated form of pet dander. Since windows are closed, there’s nowhere for the pet dander to escape. One possible solution is to occasionally air everything out even though it may drop your overall household temperature, it can save you from suffering unnecessarily during the winter.