3 Bizarre Allergies that Could Ruin My Life just Think No Sex

3 Bizarre Allergies that Could Ruin My Life just Think No Sex

I definitely wouldn't be able to have sex on the beach while watching porn on my laptop

When I think of allergens I tend to think of dust balls, pollen and cat dander. All of these are allergens that I could live with through the help of modern medicine. Some people suffer from strange allergies that would highly impact my life if I was a fellow sufferer. These three extremely bizarre allergic reactions would seriously hinder my life and probably yours too.


This allergy is rather strange and out of all of these strange allergies, this one would be the worst in my book. The actual allergy is an allergic reaction to semen, so being a girl I’d be covered although guys can be allergic to their own semen, I just couldn’t imagine. There isn’t a treatment, the only help is through continuously exposing yourself to semen. Of course aside from the burning sensation that the semen causes, that particular path to success might be fun.


I am on my computer constantly throughout the day. If I suffered from an allergy of computers it would truly turn my life upside down. Just imagine, I couldn’t check my email, play facebook games or write to share this information with you. This allergy can cause typical allergy symptoms such as itching, running nose and sometimes even headaches.


Imagine a life of utter darkness, not quite but you get the point. If I suffered from sunlight exposure I could experience pain, rashes and many other skin inflammations. I personally love the sun, especially baking in the sun. I really believe that my life would be negatively impacted if I had to say goodbye to the beach, hiking and waterskiing.